Our Mission


We set out to be an uncompromising shopping platform for global consumers. Uncompromising means that we don’t compromise the quality of a product nor the quality of life for its producer. It means that we don’t compromise your shopping experience or the friendly customer service you deserve. It means that we have high standards to meet at every point of your shopping experience — from the time you first land on our site to browse to the time your order reaches you at your door — and we expect to meet that. We want to prove that expensive doesn’t always translate to quality, just as economical doesn’t always translate to the opposite. 

We set out to deliver a first class shopping experience at economy prices. We’re all about maximizing experiences while minimizing costs. And we pass that on to you — by delivering the best value on curated quality goods straight from the source. Oh, and with free global shipping because we understand your hesitations at checkout. 

We are passionate about people. We seek to empower global producers and their local communities and inspire our users to shop sustainably. Shopary integrates our vision for business and social impact by empowering producers and providing direct access to consumers.

No mark-up. No additional costs. Doing good by you — our customer — and the people behind your products.