Handwoven Indigo Placemat (Set of 4)


Traditional Retail: $40 ( Save 38% )

These handwoven rectangular placemats are sustainably designed with natural indigo plant, making a beautiful addition to your eco-friendly home and kitchen. Each placemat may differ in design because our artisans don't waste any part of the beautiful fabric.

These placemats were handcrafted by female artisans in Laos. These artisans were previously trafficked victims or were at risk of being trafficked. They were rescued by Sengsavang, a shelter and social enterprise, where they learn to sew, weave, and craft in order to be empowered toward freedom and sustainable employment.  


Comes in set of 4 
Dimensions: 40cm x 30cm
Made with indigo
Design varies in color between indigo blue and grey
Includes proud producer tag on back of placemat 

This producer helps victims and at-risk girls of human trafficking by providing them shelter, job training, and actual employment through the making of these products. Their mission is to stop violence against women in Laos. 

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